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‍‍‍Use Cases

TeamAllegro helps working groups work to‍‍‍g‍‍‍ether better.

Improve ways of work through regular feedback.

Seamlessly collect feedback from working groups

Method 1    Direct from email replies (Outlook and Gmail)

  • Participants receive email asking for feedback
  • Participants reply email in-line‍‍‍

Method 2    Via public sharabl‍‍‍e URL

  • Creator distributes public sharable URL
  • Participants enter feedback

Make feedback an integral ways of work for in all ki‍‍‍nds of scenarios

Cross-Fuctional Project Teams

At the end of each collaborative instance, use TeamAllegro to collect a round of feedback to continuously work better together

Quarterly & Annual Planning

Get feedback after each key strategic planning workshop. Understand what to Continue, Stop or Start doing.

Offshore Development Teams

Conduct Retros using TeamAllegro at the end of a sprint and take note with actions

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Display and distribute feedback from one ‍‍‍simple dashboard

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All feedback is automatically captured and displayed on the Allegro dashboard

Our vision

High performing working group turns its diverse members into a true team. Ways of work is optimised such that each member work at ‍‍‍their best in a high-trust, safe environment.

TeamAllegro speed up this process by facilitating the feedback/retrospective cycle required to take any working group through the journey of forming, norming, storming and performing.‍‍‍

How to give feedback

Download: TeamAllegro- 5-step process of giving group feedback.pdf

Get timely feedback each time you work as a group to achieve high performance

TeamAllegro makes feedback light, frequent and rewarding for both the giver and the taker.